2 iPhone Age Progression Apps That Will Blow Your Mind

The idea of time passing can be difficult to comprehend. How quickly does a person grow up? With the help of these apps, you can watch that process happen before your eyes. These age progression apps are popular among parents who want to see how their kids have grown over the years. Some are developed with celebrities in mind, but it’s easy enough to find one for family members too.

What is an Age Progression App and How Do They Work?

It's important to remember that the goal of an age progression app is not simply to create a portrait of what someone would look like in present-day. They are meant to illustrate what someone might look like years later, decades even.

There are many different types of age progression apps for iphone available on the market right now. Some are even free and easy to use for any amateur photo editor.

Age Progression App: How to Become a Forensic Artist with Your Phone

We often see forensic artists on television, solving gruesome crimes. They are responsible for taking crime scene photos and putting together a facial reconstruction of the victim. Forensic artists use their skills to put faces to the dead. They must be able to think like an artist, but also like a medical examiner.

Forensic artists must be skilled in the arts of forensics, art, and computer graphics. Their work can range from putting together a facial reconstruction that looks like the victim to using digital artist software to create 3D models of suspects or witnesses that are hard to identify.

What is Your Favorite Age Progression App for iPhone?

Age progression is used to show what a person might look like in the future. These are also known as forensic artist sketches.

There are various types of age progression apps available on the App Store for both iOS and Android devices. Some of these apps are free while some require a subscription fee. The most popular app, FaceApp, is free to download and it comes with different filters that can change your face in different ways, including best age progression apps.

Age Progression App Review #1 - Forensics

Forensics is an app that can help you solve crimes. It's an iphone app that includes all the functions of a forensic kit, and it's free to download!

The Forensics iPhone app is available to download for free from the Apple store.

This app comes with features such as live time zone map, panoramic photos, and a lot more. There are also some really useful tutorials that show users how they can use this app in their investigations. Plus, there's even a help desk so if anything goes wrong with the app, you'll be able to contact them and get it fixed quickly!

Age Progression App Review #2 - Animatron

Animated head software Animatron is a powerful and easy to use 3D animation app. It is mainly used for video production, but has other uses such as character design, 3D illustration and even prototyping.

Animatron on the iPhone is available for $4.99 in the App Store and it gives you 2 gigabytes of storage with your purchase. The Animatron app features on-board playback, editing capabilities, export options, vector graphics optimized for iOS devices and more.

Age Progression Apps - Forensics vs Animatron

It is not uncommon to want to know what a person would look like when they grow up. We see it all the time in movies and TV series when we see what our favorite characters would look like when they grow up. While this is usually done with computer graphics and make-up, there are now apps that can do this for us.

An app that creates an age progression of someone's face is called an age progression app. There are many different types of apps you can download, but two of the most popular ones are Forensics and Animatron.

Forensics uses technology to create a 3D model of the subject's face, which is then used to track their age through time by changing features on the model over time. Animatron, on the other hand, takes photos of faces.