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Title:✨ 400K Q&A | ASMR ✨
Published:12 February 2018
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ASMR Q&A video in celebration of 400K subs! Thank you to everyone for your kindness and great questions on Instagram and the Facebook page XX Question time stamps below XX Emma

11:13:16 What is one of your favourite places to visit, where you have been, where you want to travel to
13:03 What kind of triggers do you like
14:26 Do Nam, Mia & Bo experience ASMR
17:28 Where Do you get your inspiration for your videos?
20:38 What do you do to cheer up when you’re feeling down?
23:43 What are your favourite records of all time
26:31 Has Youtube becomes your full time job?
30:19 Do you see yourself continuing to make videos for a long time to come?
31:18 What was your full time job before ASMR
32:08 What are your top 3 programmes
33:50 If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
35:22 When did you first experience ASMR and did you tell anyone about it?
36:24 What is your favourite meal to cook, eat and share?
38:27 I’m dying to know more about your singing life. Are there any videos out there that we can hear your voice?
39:09 Are you enjoying vlogging?
39:20 What are your ideal pizza toppings?
39:40 What would be the biggest dream or wish for the future of your ASMR career?
40:08 How do you communicate with friends and family about your experience of ASMR and your role within the community?
46:22 What helps you to rise more easily every morning?
46:54 As an HSP how do you unwind after a challenging situation?
50:51 Will you ever travel and do a tingle tour
54:30 do you find getting cruelty free make up easy
55:36 have you been to the sound bath treatment at the lush spa
56:00 would you ever pursue a music career again or perhaps do something with Music and ASMR
56:16 what’s the most important part of your skin care routine
56:52 Do you experience tingle immunity due to the fact that you work with tingles so much
58:06 What are your dogs called and what breed are they?
58:37 Would you bring back the Children’s Channel
59:18 Do you have people make you feel bad or weird for experiencing ASMR
59:38 If you could have anyone over for dinner dead or alive who would it be?
1:01:05 would you make labour relaxation videos
1:02:43 What would you say to someone struggling with depression?
1:05:58 Do you have ASMR videos that you go back to?
1:06:19 Do you think I’ll ever be truly Happy?
1:06:51 Would you rather go 10 years in the future and have a chat with yourself or 10 years in the past?
1:07:15 What’s your Spirit Animal?
1:07:30 As a fellow HSP what do you think the pros and the cons are?
1:08:47 What fictional place would you most like to go to?
1:09:01 What do you feel most proud of?
1:09:24 Can we have an update on your nails?
1:10:12 When you get upset or angry how do you react?
1:12:10 What would your day look like when you’re not making videos?
1:13:40 Do you experience tingles when creating your own videos?
1:14:22 How long did it take for your channel to be noticed?
1:15:51 Would you ever consider doing a mini series of ASMR videos for new Mum’s?
1:16:38 What do I do when the tingles go away?
1:17:29 Do you find self care easier to do now your children are older?
1:20:00 Do you practice Gentle Parenting?
1:23:50 What is your opinion about the future of ASMR?
1:26:31 Where you interested already in Spirituality before making ASMR videos?
1:28:38 Any collaboration videos in the pipeline?

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